De Zwarte Dame

This is a message from Teun Koorevaar.

At the celebration of Shah Mata's 35th anniversary in 2005, one of the guests arrived with a cardboard sign under his arm, with pictures of the thirtieth anniversary of "The Black Lady", one of Shah Mata's merging associations, on it. De Zwarte Dame was founded in 1935 [1], so the photos date from 1965.

After some time I came across these photos torn off in a cigar box in the material cupboard. I took this box home and scanned the photos and copied the captions. I put the cigar box back in the material cupboard and haven't seen it since, but I recently found the scans.

The photos were captioned in typewriter writing. I have included these in this page, where present, as they were, including spelling errors.

As the attentive reader can see, the captions are incomplete. Part of the text is missing from the second photo, while the tenth had no caption. I would therefore like to invite the readers to pass on additions to this so that I can add them. Even if someone recognizes the unnamed in the photos, I would like to know the names of those chess players and add them to this page. The woman in the fifth photo, referred to by me as a coffee lady in an earlier version of this page, has since been identified by Jan Burki as his wife Nel.


[1] 1935 is mentioned as the founding year in:
Aad van den Berg, the RSB competition from 1967 - 2006
Gouda, 2006

That same piece does not mention a founding date for Gambiet, the other merger association from which Shah Mata was formed in 1970, but it can be concluded from the text that Gambiet was founded in the 1950s.

Shah Mata itself will of course be 50 years old in 2020.


Bogaers uses doping in his fight against Dallau

Left to right: Gerrit Bogaers, onbekend, Dik van 't Zand, A. Dallau.

In this photo:

A. Henk van de Velden

B. Kik Schell

C. Arie Meijer

D. Arie Offerman

E. Leen Gerritsen

F. Aad van Dijke

In this photo:

A. Henk van de Velden

B. Kik Schell

C. Arie Meijer

D. Leen Gerritsen

E. Arie Offerman

In this photo:

A. Gerrit Bogaers

B. Nelis Burki (vader van Jan)

C. A. Dallau

D. Henk van de Velden

A source of inspiration arrives. To avoid misunderstanding, this refers to coffee.

Nel Burki.

In deze foto:

A. Kuyk

B. A. Dallau

C. Onbekend

D. Jan Burki

E. Nel Burki

F. Post

G. Wout Keur

H. Onbekend

don't cheat Boogaers! In the background titleholder v.d.Meyden.

The final apotheosis. Organizer Keur with his show-tubeuness. The primus inter pares Offerman opens the line of the lucky ones.

Hands as a tool for thinking.

In this picture:

A. Onbekend

B. Jan Burki

C. Wout Keur

D. A. Offerman

A capital of stars.

Post still has no time for the refreshment! Verkouter studies the theorem diligently.