Rules and regulation

Article 1:

The club champion and the player with the highest rating are entitled to a place in the first team. The ALV appoints the other players after nomination by the board.

Article 2:

Players can voluntarily relinquish their place. They are then entitled to a place in a lower team. The players who were placed lower all move up one place.

Article 3:

A member who has not yet been classified can claim a place if his ELO Rating is higher than the average ELO Rating of the whole team.

Article 4:

Claiming a place via ELO Rating, or voluntarily playing in a lower team, must be done before or at the latest in the GMM.

Article 5:

The application of the rules of this regulation is based on the KNSB rating list that is known on 1 July.

Article 6:

For determining the average ELO of the whole team, the players without ELO do not count.