Rapid Tournament 2023/2024

This rapid tournament is played every few weeks and lasts the entire season. The pairing is made on the evening itself by the people who are present. This is done no later than 20:15!

If someone has missed a regular play evening of the Cor van Lent competition and wishes to make up a game for this competition on a Rapid evening, they can indicate this to the internal tournament director (Nick or Boris). However, they can only play against someone who has achieved approximately the same score, so that we keep the internal competition fair for everyone.

The format of this competition is similar to that of the Hans van Hengel summer competition. Each play evening, the participants play 3 rapid games in a group of at least 4 people. The games are played with the Fischer tempo, 15 minutes per person per game and 10 seconds extra for each move. Winning games are rewarded extra points (winning = 1½ points). Pairing is based on club rating and tournament ranking.

Enjoy the matches and may the best players win!