Rules and Regulations Rapid competition 2021-2022

Article 1 Rules of the Game and Grading

Paragraph 1. The playing tempo is 15 min. +10 sec. per move p.p.p. (Per Person Per Party)

Paragraph 2. Players are assigned to a group of at least 4 persons and play 3 Rapid games. If there is a division with less than 4 persons, players of that group all get one (1) free point .

Paragraph 3. Classification takes place on the evening itself at 20:15 at the latest. If you want to play, but you are late, you must report this yourself.

Paragraph 4. The pairing is based on the position in the competition and the club rating.

Paragraph 5. It is not necessary to take a notation.

Paragraph 6. Winning games will be rewarded extra (winning is 1.5 points).

Article 2 The competition and the final ranking

Paragraph 1. There will be played in one group.

Paragraph 2. The final ranking is determined by the winning percentage.

Paragraph 3. To be included in the final ranking, at least 70 percent of the Rapid evenings must have been played in this competition. Games of RSB or KNSB matches played on a playing night count as a played match, on the understanding that the result is not included in the final ranking. Bar duty also counts as a game played. A maximum of 6 (six) alternate attendance points may be earned in a season. Matches for the Cor van Lent competition that are made up on a Rapid evening will not count as a match played for this competition. 

Article 3 Championship

Paragraph 1. The group is divided into 2 (two) subgroups. There will be played for an Overall Championship.

Paragraph 2. The number one (1) over the whole season is Rapid Champion of Shah Mata.

Paragraph 3. The number 1 (one) of the subgroup 2 (two) is champion of the respective subgroup.

Paragraph 4. There is no separate promotion and relegation scheme for this competition. The subgroups of the Cor van Lent competition are followed.

Paragraph 5. In case of a tie, the winner will be determined by Barrage, in consultation with the competition leader.

Article 5. Classification of new members

Paragraph 1. New members are classified in the subgroup whose average rating corresponds to the rating of the new member.

Paragraph 2. Members, who have not played in a season, will be classified as if they were new members.

Paragraph 3. New members with no known rating will be classified in the lowest subgroup.

Article 6. Signing in/out

Paragraph 1. For this competition it is not necessary to subscribe or unsubscribe. Everyone who is present on a playing night will play in the Rapid competition. If you are unable to attend and therefore arrive later than 20:15, please indicate this. 

Member 2. If you wish to catch up a game for the Cor van Lent competition on a Rapid evening, you must indicate this to the Internal Competition Leader. Only players who are behind in the number of played matches are eligible for a catch-up match.

Article 7. Unforeseen circumstances.

Paragraph 1. In the circumstances where these rules do not provide, a member of the board present will decide.

Paragraph 2. An appeal against this decision can be made to the Executive Board.