Speed chess championship 2023/2024

Main rules:
A brief summary of the rules for rapid chess.

Classification: Swiss on ranking. First round will be randomly assigned.

Time control: 5 min + 2 sec per move per person.

Touching is moving. If the clock has not yet been pressed, the move is not finished and the player whose move it is may make another legal move with the touched piece. If the clock is already pressed then a time penalty (-1.00 min) may be awarded, after two irregular moves you may claim victory.

If a player puts or leaves his King in check, his opponent may stop the clock and claim the game. If he makes a move and then still claims, it is a draw.

Play may continue even if the players have not noticed the unregulated move or do not want to win this way. Spectators are not allowed to interfere with the game.

A player May "flag" his opponent. However, if the winner has no more checkmate potential then it is still a draw. A pawn is sufficient for the win, a single Bishop or Knight is not.

The final score is determined by
1. match points 2. mutual result.

Match win is one and a half, draw a half and loss zero points.