Rules and regulations Hans van Hengel summer tournament


Games will be played on Tuesday evenings from the first Tuesday in July through the last Tuesday in August. The tournament ends with a prize ceremony.

Fee is 18 euro for the whole tournament. 3 euro for a single night. Members of Shah Mata play for free.

Signing up is done on the evening in the playroom. Classification starts at 20.15 hrs, the games will start at 20.30 hrs. The door is open at 19:30 hrs.

Game format:

Every evening the participants will play in a group of at least 4 persons 3 Rapid games.
The games will be played at a Fischertempo, 20 minutes per person per game and 10 seconds extra for each move.
Winning games will be awarded with an extra bonus (win = 1½ points), 3 wins on 1 evening will result in another bonus of ½ point (3x wins = 5 points).
The first 6 game nights a participant has played count for the final ranking. If a participant plays more evenings, one result of the extra evenings can be used to replace a result of the first 6 evenings with a better result. Thus, a participant does not have to play all 9 evenings to be eligible for a prize.


**1st prize  € 60,00** and a cup!
**2nd prize € 50,00**
**3rd prize  € 40,00**
and the following Rating Prizes:
**till ELO 1900 € 25,00**
**till ELO 1700 € 25.00**  
**till ELO 1500 € 25.00**
**till ELO 1300 € 25,00** 
For the best houseplayer there is a year free membership of Shah Mata to win!

Final ranking:

The final ranking will be determined on the achieved winning percentage followed by mutual result followed by resistance points